Centennial Global Technology Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated, Ontario based solar panel or photovoltaic module manufacturer. As an eco-friendly company, our goal is to promote the use of renewable energy sources; more precisely we are committed to solar-power systems. Benefiting from already available components from Germany, our company is positioned as an integrator for the design of low-cost energy solutions. Using high quality components from across the world (Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, etc), we manufacture solar panels that are amongst the most efficient on the marketplace today.

Centennial Global PV modules are manufactured using only Class “A” cell technologies. An industry leading standard allowing a 10-year workmanship warranty and an 80% product efficiency warranty lasting 25 years. We offer a -0 to +3 % power tolerance.

Through Centennial’s partners, we are offering complete power systems for commercial and residential projects. Our engineers understand how to get the most out of your projects.

Get peace of mind throughout your 20+ year solar investment, Capture the Sun with Centennial Global Technology Inc.

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